Month: November 2017

Stamp Duty Cut for First Time Buyers

It was in the recent Budget that Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that Stamp Duty for First Time Buyers would be scrapped on properties up to £300,000.   The move comes after there has been widespread news about the difficulty young people face when trying to get onto the housing ladder.   It was widely anticipated that there would be some announcement in regard to Stamp Duty in the Budget as the housing shortage in the country also looks to be addressed.   For First Time Buyers, outside of London, a house purchase will be free of Stamp Duty on properties ... Read more

Interest Rate Hike

It didn’t really come as a shock last week when it was announced that the Bank of England had increased the Base Rate by 0.25%.   The Bank of England base rate had remained at a record low and along with it had brought about many great mortgage deals. Many people took advantage of the great offers and have entered into a fixed deal giving them security for years to come.   Whilst there has been a Bank of England base rate increase, mortgage rates are still historically low, and although many banks have passed on the increase to customers ... Read more