Month: August 2018

Bank of England Base Rate Increase

You may or may not be aware that the Bank of England has increased the Base Rate on 2nd August 2018.   It is only the second Base rate increase in over ten years however this is most often passed on to those with mortgages and those with loans and credit cards.   In general, most banks and building societies will seek, if they haven’t already, to pass this rate increase on to their customers by way of increase in interest rates on their mortgage offers or their standard variable rates.   This can mean a large jump in the ... Read more

Check Your Rate Before It's Too Late

If you’ve been putting off thinking about sorting your mortgage or finding a better deal, then time is running out.   The general consensus is that mortgage rates are on the increase both over the short term and the long term.   Rewind to less than one year ago and the cheapest 2-year fixed deal was under 1 percent, fast forward to today and the best deal on the market is currently set at 1.35 percent. If you think about that over not just a month but over the longer term such as a year, 5 years or 10 years ... Read more