Month: August 2017

House Inflation Falls to 4 Year Low

It has been announced by Your Move Index that during the month of June, house inflation fell to a 4 year low with prices increasing by a mere 2.9%, a drop of 9% on the previous month.   It would appear that the housing market is taking a moment to settle whist when June 2017 is compared to the same month in the previous year, house prices have still risen overall by £8,433, taking the average house price in the UK to £298.906.   Overall, there were rises and falls seen across all parts of the country but generally those ... Read more

Santander Cut Back on Mortgage Lending

It has been announced by Spanish Banking group Santander that they are to restrict lending amid fears of the amount of personal debt that is on the increase throughout the UK.   The type of lending that Santander are referring to is not just in relation to mortgages but also in relation to loans being used to fund vehicle purchases.   Interest rates have remained at a record low however, the amount of personal debt owed by individuals throughout the UK is increasing rapidly.   As interest rates cannot remain low forever, lenders will understandably be concerned about repayments being ... Read more