Millions Without Mortgage Cover in Place

When it comes to treasured possessions, most people will rank their family, their health and their home at the top of their lists however, so many repeatedly put these at risk.


A lot of us take for granted the fact that we can go to work each day and pay our bills. Should we become sick or be unable to work for any reason our home and family life as we know it can come under threat if mortgage payments aren’t met.


Although Life Cover isn’t a compulsory requirement, it is concerning that a huge amount of those with mortgage debt have no form of repayment policy in place should they become sick or die.


Should a homeowner die and there be no life cover in place, it may mean that their family are forced out of their home should they not be able to meet the mortgage repayments on the house. At an already difficult time it would put extra worry and stress on a family.


These sorts of scenarios can be avoided if life and/or sickness cover is put into place before anything should happen. Life cover can cost less than £10 per month especially if taken out at a younger age.


For those that do have it in place, it is always worth considering swapping providers, just like you do with your home insurance.


It is always worth getting professional advice prior to making any changes or taking out any form of life or income cover. Why not speak to one of our advisers today and find out more. Call 03333 44 85 11 or email